Stiloso 7

Revitalizing Support

Stiloso is a stylish orthopaedic mattress that provides a comfortable and healthy rest without the excessive pressure a hard mattress normally exerts on the body. As a top of the range orthopaedic mattress, Stiloso ensures correct positioning of the spinal column and all body limbs during sleep. Stiloso differs from common orthopaedic mattresses thanks to the high density Elioform foam core; the elasticity of its composition regulates circulation, thus impeding swelling which can otherwise occur when wakening. In addition it allows a healthy, comfortable and serene rest without excessive pressure or rigidity.

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Viscose Fabric

Stiloso features a stitched Viscose fabric. Viscose is a soft fabric made from purified cellulose extracted from trees. It is delightfully soft to touch, absorbent and anti-static ensuring relaxing comfort and high breathability when used to cover our mattresses.

  • Hypoallergenic and
    breathable fibre padding
  • Elioform padding
  • Insulating TNT sheet
  • Elioform layer


Support Indicators

Why Choose It?

The Elioform core provides firm support for the spine without excessive pressure


Covered in Viscose fibre fabric