Magniflex’s Technologies

Below are some general features of Magniflex mattresses.


The special foams and fabrics used ensure a consistent and healthy transpiration of the mattress.


The vacuum packing procedure reduces the mattress’s overall dimension by 90%, improving hygiene and transport time.


The materials used and constant transpiration of the mattress ensures suitability even for those who suffer from allergies.

Environment friendly

There are no materials which are toxic or non-biodegradable in any part of the mattress.


Allows the correct exchange of electrical energy between the body and the surrounding environment.


The mattress is completely made from recyclable materials, respecting the environment.

Weight independence

The mattress does not dip even if body weight is not distributed uniformly. When two people lie on the mattress, one is not affected by the movement of the other.

Sanitized fabric

An important feature which ensures the maximum hygiene of the fabric cover

Non deformable

Even if the mattress is subjected to a constant high pressure, the mattress does not lose its original shape.

Oeko tex Warranty

OEKO-TEX guarantees the quality of the materials used in production. In particular, it certifies that no harmful substances to human health or the environment have been used. Magniflex® is the first to have reached the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 in the mattresses category.

No springs

The mattress is completely free of springs and/or metal elements to improve durability and increase anti-static qualities.