Baby Bamboo

Elegance, Support and Comfort

Magni 9 is an elegant orthopaedic mattress from the Classico collection. The exclusive design features an Elioform core with a Memoform padded Viscose fabric, and is ideal for those who prefer firm orthopaedic support but a more responsive sleeping surface. The Elioform core ensures correct positioning of the spinal column and limbs during sleep, while Memoform adapts to the body and thus eliminates pressure. This adaptiveness helps regulate circulation, impeding swelling which can otherwise occur on a firm mattress. The mattress has hypoallergenic properties and the high quality materials used ensure that it will provide a healthy night’s sleep for many years. Magni 9 is therefore the perfect balance of timeless elegance, support and comfort.

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Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo contains honey pectin, which is healthy for the human skin. As Bamboo fibre is completely covered with micro-slits, it has excellent ventilation properties and absorbs humidity perfectly. With such micro-structure, fabrics made of bamboo fibre are breathable, and quickly absorb and evaporate sweat. Just like the plant itself, bamboo fibre fabrics have excellent strength and show amazing resilience even after many washes.

Cover made
of Bamboo fabric

  1. Hypoallergenic and
    breathable fibre padding
  2. Insulating TNT sheet
  3. Eliosoft layer

Why Choose It?

The Eliosoft layer supports the spine in the correct position gently but firmly


Covered in breathable Bamboo fibre fabric