Comfort Dual 10

Luxurious Sleep with a Choice of Support

Selected from our Dolce Vita collection, the sensational Comfort Dual 10 is a perfectly designed sleep solution that features a combination of Memoform and Elioform. The Memoform layer adapts to the human body, offering superior comfort with no pressure being applied to the body and the improvement in circulation will help prevent the numbing of muscles and nerves. The Elioform layer, also provides orthopaedic support, resulting in a supportive but ultra-responsive mattress. The split core is reversible, enabling couples to individually choose between the adaptive Memoform side or firmer Elioform side. Either way Comfort Dual 10 is the right choice for a luxurious and therapeutic sleep.

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Removable cover with Outlast

Comfort Dual 10 has a removable fabric cover comprising of a blend of Outlast and Viscose. Outlast is a sophisticated and advanced fabric originally used in astronaut suits due to its climate control properties. Outlast regulates temperature while you sleep by absorbing and releasing warmth in accordance with body temperature. Viscose is a soft, silky fabric made from purified cellulose from trees that absorbs moisture rapidly and ensures high breathability. The cover has a 2cm layer of Memoform padded on one side to enhance the anatomic quality and soft comfort.

  • 2cm Memoform padding
  • Hypoallergenic padding
  • Insulating cotton mix sheet
  • 5cm Memoform layer
  • 17cm Elioform layer


Support Indicators

Why Choose It?

The Memoform layer offers an incredibly soft comfort

It adapts to the body in accordance with body pressure and warmth

It is suitable for long term bed rest

Prevents bed sores

Features Mallow foam for softness and anti-inflammatory properties

The mattress is covered in Outlast which is a thermo-regulating fabric

Practical and removable, washable covering