Adds Comfort to any Mattress

Our 3cm Memoform topper is the perfect way to enhance the comfort of any mattress. Pioneered by NASA, Memoform is sensitive to both heat and pressure so it has the ability to adapt to the shape of the human body with up to 85% accuracy. The Memoform topper is ideal for any sleeping position and helps to relieve any pressure or rigidity from even the firmest of mattresses.

The topper will help eliminate the empty zones which can amplify back ache and improve circulation which prevents the numbing of muscles and nerves. The Memoform Topper is certainly our recommendation to anyone who wishes to improve the comfort and sleep benefits of their existing mattress.

Coolmax Fabric

Coolmax is a soft, high performance fabric that utilizes innovative fibres to create an effective fibre-based moisture management system. The system moves perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. Coolmax fabric therefore removes humidity released by the body during sleep, and offers excellent thermoregulation for body temperature. Coolmax dries more rapidly than any other fabrics and keeps the body dry, fresh and comfortable.

100% Memoform Topper with removable Coolmax fabric cover

Why Choose It?

The 100% Memoform Magnifoam layer offers an incredibly soft comfort

It adapts to the body in accordance with body pressure and warmth

Covered with breathable coolmax fabric

Coolmax maintains a constant micro-climate between the body and the mattress

Practical and removable, washable covering