Cool and Soft, it relaxes the neck and shoulders

Magnigel Standard has a traditional shape concealing the highly innovative Magnigel Foam inside. This state-of-the-art material is exceptionally breathable, supporting your neck and back whilst always keeping your skin cool and dry. It is covered in Viscose fabric, which is soft and highly resistant. The removable and washable cover keeps the pillow hygienic.

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Many Good reasons For Buying
A Magnigel Pillow

  • Beneficial properties for your sleep All models have anatomical and ergonomic forms that meet a wide range of comfort and health requirements.
  • Exceptionally cool and long-lasting material The high density structure disperses heat, provides a constant microclimate and ensures a stable temperature, guaranteeing a cool, dry night’s sleep.
  • Flexible This innovative gel-based material is extremely soft and comfortable and provides gentle support for the head, giving you the sensation of sleeping on a fluffy cloud.
  • Viscose fabric cover Soft and smooth to the touch. It absorbs perspiration and avoids bacterial build-up.
  • Removable and washable The cover is easily removable due to the zip fastener and can withstand repeated washing