We Care

… For the environment

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Tuscan countryside, one of Magniflex’s
key philosophies is to care for the world in which we all live. Magniflex strongly
believes safeguarding the earth’s natural resources should play an integral
part in the manufacturing process.

Magniflex selects materials that have undergone the strictest quality tests, not
only in terms of performance but also the environment. We were the first
mattress company to be certified by Oeko-Tex which guarantees that no toxic
substances are present that are harmful to the environment or people.

In addition to our environment friendly manufacturing process, our innovative
vacuum packing technology considerably reduces CO2 emissions during
transportation, allowing us to play our part in protecting the planet.

… For People

Not only does Magniflex design and produce sleep products to look after your well-being but we also try to make life a little better for those in need.

Magniflex currently supports Pensare Oltre (Thinking Ahead), an Italian Cultural Organization that works to safeguard children.

At Magniflex we are friends of the environment

Fewer CO2 emissions thanks to vacuum-packaging

Oeko Tex certification

Recycling of waste materials

Locally made products

Use of renewable materials