Magni 10

Elegance, Softness and Support

Magni 10 is an elegant orthopaedic mattress from the Classico collection. It features an Eliosoft core, an Elioform layer and Memoform padded Viscose fabric. It has been specifically developed for those who prefer proper support on a softer, more responsive sleeping surface.  The Eliosoft core is formed by water expanded polyurethane combined with latex molecules resulting in enhanced ergonomic and anatomic qualities, while the upper Elioform layer adds further orthopaedic support. The Memoform padding adapts to the body while also relieving pressure for additional comfort. The mattress has hypoallergenic properties and its high quality materials ensure that the mattress will provide a healthy night’s sleep for many years. Magni 10 is thus a winning mix between timeless elegance, softness and support.

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Viscose Fabric

Magni 10 features a stitched Viscose fabric cover. Viscose is a soft fabric made from purified cellulose extracted from trees. It is delightfully soft to touch, absorbent and anti-static ensuring relaxing comfort and high breathability when used to cover our mattresses.

  • 2cm Memoform padding
  • Hypoallergenic padding
  • Insulating cotton mix sheet
  • 3cm Elioform layer
  • 18cm Eliosoft layer


Support Indicators

Why Choose It?

The Memoform padding adapts to the body with soft comfort


Elioform provides firm support for the spine without rigidity


Covered in Viscose fibre fabric