Vaccum Packed

In 1986 Magniflex spearheaded its worldwide expansion by patenting the revolutionary vacuum-packing system. As the pioneer of the most innovative and practical packaging system in the mattress sector, Magniflex was able to guarantee mattress hygiene and quality in transit, and improve transport times.

Reduces the volume by 90%

During the vacuum-packing procedure the mattress is subjected to a pressure of one ton reducing its regular overall dimension by 90% and making transport easier for both the shop and customer.

Guarantees hygiene

The mattress is rolled up and sealed in a special insulating film to maintain its original quality and guarantee the hygiene of the mattress.

Mattress characteristics unchanged

Due to the high quality of materials used, a Magniflex vacuum packed mattress maintains its beneficial characteristics once opened.

Back to shape in an instant

Just a few easy steps and the mattress quickly regains its original shape and volume.

Environment friendly

Vacuum packed mattresses require fewer vehicles for transportation resulting in less CO2 emissions.

How To Open A Vacuum Packed Mattress

Lay the vacuum packed mattress on the bed base (slatted bed base is required) and remove the packaging film without using any sharp tool which could damage the mattress.
Unroll the mattress (follow the image sequence)
Through exposure to air the mattress immediately regains its original shape (fully regained within 24 hours).