Magniflex mattress fabrics do far more than just give an aesthetic look to our mattresses and we have gone to great lengths to investigate and source both natural and technological materials to enhance the benefits and features of our mattresses

Hi Tech Fabrics


Coolmax is a soft, high performance fabric of innovative Hi-Tech fibres engineered to control body humidity. Coolmax fabric moves perspiration away from the body, through the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. It therefore removes humidity released by your body during sleep and offers excellent regulating-control for skin temperature. Coolmax also dries faster than any other fabric thus keeping your body fresh and dry.

‘NEW’ Outlast

Outlast is an advanced material originally designed for astronaut space suits. It comprises of millions of small wax spheres that have a melting point of 36 degrees to match body temperature. The wax spheres absorb or release heat energy in balance with any rise and fall in your body temperature thus perfectly regulating the climate while you sleep.

Extraordinary Qualities

  • Extra comfort and smoothness.
  • Adapts to your body’s micro-climate reaching the ideal
    temperature necessary for night long comfort.
  • Reduces overheating and overcooling.
  • Less perspiration.
  • Active thermal regulation.
  • Cotton or silk like softness.


Although viscose is a techno fibre its soft, silky texture closely resembles that of a natural fibre. It is delicate yet tough and is resistant to clothes moths. Viscose acts to disperse perspiration and encourages the circulation of air through the mattress to maintain a comfortable freshness during sleep.

Medicare Treatment

The highly innovative Medicare treatment creates a completely sterilised fabric, extremely resistant to mould, bacteria and clothes moths. It ensures a high level of hygiene and meets Environmental and Human health standards currently in force.

Characteristics Of Technical Fabrics

Reinforced yarns provide resistance to tears and protect during washing

Excellent comfort

Pleasant Fresh and hydrating effect while still anti-bacterial, ant-fungal and anti-microbe

Washable, crease resistance and anti-static

Natural Fabrics


Pure Silver is highly beneficial, when incorporated into the fibre of a fabric it has special anti bacterial, thermal and breathable properties. The release of ions impedes bacteria proteins and is anti-static.


Bamboo contains honey pectin, which is healthy for the human skin. As Bamboo fibre is completely covered with micro-slits, it has excellent ventilation properties and absorbs humidity perfectly. With such micro-structure, fabrics made of bamboo fibre are breathable, and quickly absorb and evaporate sweat. Just like the plant itself, bamboo fibre fabrics have excellent strength and show amazing resilience even after many washes.


The most noble metal, appreciated for its beauty since ancient times, is an excellent electro-conductor. It, in fact, discharges static present in our body thus reducing physical tension. The fibre is thermo-regulating and maintains freshness in the summer and warmth in winter. Its resilience allows it to withstand washing and wear and tear.


Nature’s most recognised fabric is highly useful in eliminating humidity: it can absorb an amount of water double to its own weight. When you sleep the fabric absorbs and spreads perspiration, for easy evaporation. Another virtue is its resistance to wear.

Characteristics Of Natural Fibre Fabrics

Beneficial and hygienic

Breathable to allow airflow



Oeko-Tex guarantee