Travel Pillow

Reach any destination relaxed and free of tension with a Magniflex travel pillow. It is designed to offer support and comfort to the neck and head whenever we travel long distances by plane, or train.

height: 10 cm
width: 27cm
depth: 23 cm

Lumbar Cushion

The Lumbar cushion replicates the shape of a sports seat: the side “wings” wrap the back and support it, keeping it straight. When we sit for too long, we forget about our posture and find ourselves in positions that are damaging to the spine: this back support encourages the correct posture and back position.

height: 33 cm
width: 37 cm
depth: 7 cm

Seat Cushion

Sit on the most comfortable chair in your office and then try it with the Ergo Seat: the time you will want to stay seated will probably double. The anatomical seat wraps the legs and relieves pressure offering a sensation of lightness. The advantages are easy to see: extra relaxation and less muscular tension.

height: 7 cm
width: 42 cm
depth: 42 cm

Lower back cushion

The Lower Back cushion provides support where it is most needed. When you lie on it, it distributes weight evenly, providing therapeutic support and comfort from the upper spine to the lower back.

height: 8cm
width: 60cm
depth: 60cm

Aloe Vera Protector

Take care of yourself and protect your mattress with our quilted micro-fibre mattress protector, treated with Aloe Vera essence. Aloe Vera is reknown for it’s natural therapeutic qualities and now it can help rejuvenate you while you sleep. The protector is hypoallergenic, breathable and has a soft, comfortable feel. It is available in a variety of sizes and can be dry cleaned.

height: 1cm
width: Var.
depth: 200cm

Satin Fitted Sheet

Cover your mattress with our exclusive white Satin fitted sheet. The 100% cotton sateen sheet adds an elegant look to your bed and has a delightfully smooth feel. It is available in a variety of sizes, with an angle of 27cm which fits all our mattresses and is machine washable.

height: 27cm
width: Var.
depth: 200cm