Our Story

In 1960 in a small town in the heart of Tuscany, Giuliano Magni produced his first mattress, understanding that the mattress was essential to health and well-being. From that humble beginning Magniflex soon became the leading mattress company in Italy and in 1986 pioneered the revolutionary vacuum packing technology that opened the company up to the International market.

Throughout this period of growth, Magniflex has taken inspiration from the Tuscan countryside and actively contributes to preserving the natural resources of Earth by using environmentally-friendly materials and processes.

Magniflex in the Qatar

Magniflex world class brand has started up the operations in Qatar together with Qatar distributor, Royal Home, We have established our operations in 2015, Since then we have became a leading provider of premium mattresses through out the country. offering the highest standard of service to our customers.

Today, over 50 years on, the Magniflex group is proud to be the largest mattress manufacturer in Italy and acclaimed as one of the most dynamic companies in Europe. We are now fully established with our 33,000 sqm facility in Prato and a team of over 200 people working hard to produce over 10,000 mattresses a day. Globally, we are present in over 80 countries with showrooms across major cities.

At Magniflex, we continue to strive for excellence, investing in research and development and sourcing the best technical expertise. By designing the most advanced mattresses using unique fabrics and patented materials, we are able to meet our aim of offering the highest quality of rest and maximizing customer well-being.